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About us

One of the main activities of «VICTOR GROUP ASIA LIMITED» is the supply of aviation equipment for the needs of civil and cargo aviation. Our main task is to provide our customers with the best prices for aviation spare parts and ensure the shortest delivery times for units and components for aircraft maintenance. And «VICTOR GROUP ASIA LIMITED» solves this problem successfully.


«VICTOR GROUP ASIA LIMITED»offers a wide range of products in the field of spare parts for the repair and maintenance of aviation equipment. We are engaged in the supply of equipment and materials, assemblies and spare parts for civil and cargo aircraft. We work directly with leading manufacturers, which allows us to supply aviation equipment, products and spare parts at the best prices. Our company has all the necessary permits. We supply only certified products that meet all the requirements of all standards in this industry. We provide logistics support for the delivery of products.

We install original components and spare parts directly from aircraft manufacturers. Specialists in customs clearance and organization of transportation will ensure the preparation of documents and goods for customs clearance, including: filing a customs check, obtaining permits for documents and checking, the presence of the FSVTS, preliminary classification decisions, expert opinions. We quickly concluded the FSVTS that the spare parts did not belong to industrial products. After the delivery of the goods to our warehouse, we will arrange the delivery of your spare parts by a transport service to any region of world.


Original aircraft spare parts are accompanied by EASA Form-1 certificates if the supplied spare parts are supplied from Europe. Parts deliveries from the USA are secured with FAA Form 8130-3 certificates in full compliance with the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations regarding the supply of spare parts and components for aircraft maintenance.

The General Maintenance Policies and Procedures provide procedures for the acceptance and inspection of components and materials from suppliers. In particular, aircraft parts must have certificates (tags, labels) of quality (airworthiness), confirming the production of this component in accordance with established requirements (FAA Form 8130-3 or EASA Form-1).

Our advantages

for the sale of aircraft parts:

Large selection of spare parts available for scheduled maintenance of the aircraft.

Provision of official Manufacturer's Certificates (EASA Form-1 or FAA Form 8130-3) for aircraft parts.

Direct supply of spare parts from the manufacturer allows you to offer the lowest cost for spare parts for your aircraft.

‌ Possibility to supply cheaper analogues of spare parts from different manufacturers approved by FAA or EASA.

Prompt delivery of spare parts from Europe and the USA

Flexible system of personal discounts. Please contact our manager for more details. Special discounts for regular customers


FLAT 1512, 15/F, LUCKY CENTRE, NO. 165-171 WAN CHAI ROAD, Hong Kong